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The KKE emerged stronger from the elections where the heart of the people and their struggles beats

The results of the Communist Party of Greece in the European elections of 9 June are significant, gathering 9.25% of the vote nationwide. More importantly, the KKE did particularly well in working-class and popular areas.

  • It garnered 11% in Attica, which includes Athens, Piraeus and other regions bordering the Greek capital and where a large part of the country’s working class lives and works. In Attica, the KKE again came third, with high percentages ranging from 10% to 22.88% in working-class and popular areas and municipalities. 
  • It came first, with 50%, in the villages where the workers of the large industrial unit LARCO, who are fighting for their survival, live. It also took first place in the resin-producing villages of northern Evia, where the slogan “Only the people can save the people!” rang out loudly during the wildfires.
  • The KKE came second in the North Aegean Region, while on the island of Ikaria it came firstwith 41% of the vote.
  • In Thessaly, the KKE exceeded 10%. Itcame first and gained an increasing percentage in electoral districts such as Agia of Larissa, where mass mobilizations of farmers had taken place in the previous period.
  • There was a big increase of the Party in the villages of Chalkidiki, where the mineworkers continue to struggleand have found a reliable ally in the KKE.
  • The KKE increased its percentagesin the large urban centers of Epirus, Western Greece, Crete, etc.




On the evening of the elections, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, GS of the CC of the KKE, made the following statement on the election results:

“We thank and salute the hundreds of thousands of people who responded to the call of the KKE and today voted for our Party across the country.

We salute the people and the youth of the large urban centres, especially of the largest region of the country, i.e. Attica, who have once again made the KKE the third largest force by a large margin.

All in all, the KKE recorded another significant increase compared to the 2019 European elections and the 2023 parliamentary elections, where it had also increased its percentages.

This confirms the links of the KKE with broader popular forces and shows that the vote for the KKE expresses more stable ties that have been established in the important struggles of the previous period; in our continuous, unstoppable effort to communicate, dialogue and debate directly with the people, in various forms, every day of the year and not only during the pre-election period, in the workplaces and in the neighbourhoods.

It confirms some positive processes that have been going on for a long time and that were reflected both in the parliamentary elections and in the workers’–people’s movement.

A current disputing the dominant policy, which is currently being implemented by the New Democracy government, is being stabilized and strengthened. The disengagement of workers'–people's forces from the bourgeois parties, the joining of forces of the former with the KKE and the increase of the party’s prestige further advance.

Of course, the political correlation of forces remains negative for the people; however, there is a force to be reckoned with, the KKE, which can contribute to the organization of the workers’–people’s struggle, the course of counter-attack and overthrow in the next day and in the face of the difficulties to come.

The role of the KKE is always much greater than its respective percentages, therefore its strengthening leads to many times more powerful struggles with greater effectiveness under the specific conditions.

We believe that the high abstention rate contains a significant amount of protest against the New Democracy government, as well as of contempt for both the bourgeois political system and its parties, and for the EU and its institutions, such as the European Parliament.

The pre-election debate, which took place in a degenerative way and far away from the crucial problems and especially their causes, has increased the people's aversion.

From this point of view, this attitude, which we obviously do not approve of, also has political characteristics, regardless of whether it is expressed in a way that can be misinterpreted, entrapped or ultimately co-opted.

Therefore, from now on, it is necessary that this protest, especially of the youth, is through their active participation in the movement, in the organized struggle and demands, that it acquires radical characteristics, that it meets with the revolutionary policy of the KKE.

The next day is crucial. The KKE will utilize the strength given to it by the people to strengthen their voice where anti-popular decisions are taken, such as in the European Parliament, and above all to organize the workers’–people’s struggle in our country.

From tomorrow on, we will be confronted with the commitments to the EU, the bloody surpluses, the prerequisites of the Recovery Fund and the two imperialist wars in which our country is deeply involved.

New burdens will also be added by the increase in war spending, which will be imposed on the peoples of Europe, as their plan is to turn Europe into a “war economy” due to the looming European economic crisis.

The KKE will be there:

- To continue the regroupment of the workers’-people’s movement that has begun,to change the correlation of forces as a whole.

- To lead struggles to expose and prevent anti-popular Guidelines and Directives both in the European and the Greek Parliament.

- To strengthen the coordination of the struggles with the working class, the farmers, the intellectuals, the youth, the women in all the countries of the EU, where the people have taken to the streets of struggle against the EU of wars, monopolies, lobbies, corruption and exploitation.

The EU is not as powerful as it seems. The peoples must be vigilant, they must believe in their own power.

Because what is always realistic is what is in the interest of the people. The Greek people, the peoples of all of Europe, have not yet spoken their last word.

We wish you strength and health in your struggles!.”