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European elections in Greece: The vote for the KKE sends an anti-imperialist and anti-war message

An important difference in the election campaign, which the KKE is conducting to enlighten the workers, is the one concerning international developments, the involvement of the EU and Greece in the imperialist war in Ukraine, as well as in the massacre of the people of Palestine.

All the bourgeois political parties are silencing the developments on the war fronts and hiding the causes of the conflicts, the responsibilities of the EU, as well as of the USA and NATO. 

In contrast to the bourgeois parties, the KKE notes that the European Union, together with the USA and NATO, has a leading role in imperialist wars and interventions. It supports Israel, the occupying state which has fomented genocide against the Palestinian people. It heavily funds and arms it to shed the blood of the Palestinian people. It supports the imperialist war of Saudi Arabia against Yemen and in the name of fighting the Houthis, under the pretext of protecting navigation, it has set up the imperialist operation Aspides (Shield) alongside the US-British Prosperity Guardian operation. Together they are setting fire to the Red Sea region, multiplying the risk of a general conflagration.

The KKE condemns that the EU is playing a leading role in the imperialist war in Ukraine. It is not being dragged into the war by the USA; on the contrary, it is cooperating closely with the Ukrainian bourgeoisie, the USA and NATO in the conflict against capitalist Russia and its allies. The peoples suffer tragic consequences and, for the first time in 70 years, the possibility of a large-scale imperialist war breaking out on the territory of Europe and the use of nuclear weapons is being raised. The two belligerent sides in this anti-popular conflict, which express the interests of the monopolies fighting over raw materials, transport routes, geopolitical footings and market shares, do not hesitate to use mercenary, nationalist and fascist organizations for their objectives. Thus, the EU is supporting fascist Azov-type gangs and has allocated €78 billion to Zelensky, which come from the peoples’ toil and taxes, for arms, ammunition and bases, while it is already taking part in the great feast of the ‘reconstruction’ of destroyed Ukraine. The EU, like other imperialist states, is constantly seeking further economic, political and military penetration in other regions at the expense of the peoples.

In the speeches and statements of the cadres of the KKE it is highlighted that at a time when the rivalry between the USA and China for supremacy in the international capitalist system is intensifying, the EU, which is generally aligning itself with NATO and the USA, simultaneously maintains its so-called strategic autonomy vis-à-vis the USA at the military level. It is also seeking to strengthen its own military forces, in accordance with the so-called Strategic Compass, by gathering a ‘Euro-army’ of up to 5,000 soldiers, which will be deployed on missions anywhere in the world. In this way, the EU seeks to benefit its own military and industrial groups and their profitability by creating profitable energy and trade corridors against its competitors.

The Greek bourgeoisie claims a share of this loot. That is why the New Democracy government, with the consent of SYRIZA, PASOK, Greek Solution, New Left and the fascist Spartans, is involving the country even more deeply in the imperialist wars and missions by giving land and water to the USA, NATO and the EU. It is sending frigates, such as Hydra, which was deployed to the war in the Red Sea, putting the lives of officers, non-commissioned officers and sailors at enormous risk. It is providing weapons and ammunition to inflict death on the peoples of Gaza, Yemen and Ukraine. It cedes Greek territory to US military bases, turning the country into a Euro-Atlantic base and a target for reprisals, getting our people involved into great adventures.

The EU treats Turkey as a ‘strategic partner’, seeking a firmer attachment to the Euro-Atlantic camp in its confrontation with Russia and China. The EU, together with the USA and NATO, encourages Turkish claims against the sovereignty and the sovereign rights of the country. Together with the Greek bourgeoisie, it is paving the way for the mutual exploitation of the Aegean and the South-East Mediterranean and a dichotomous ‘solution’ of the Cyprus problem marked by the EU and NATO, to the detriment of the interests of the Cypriot people.

At the same time, the KKE notes that in the European elections on 9th June, its decisive strengthening will send an anti-war and anti-imperialist message as it will help the opposition and the demand for an end to the unjust imperialist wars to grow stronger. To make the voice against the genocide of the Palestinian people, the demand for a Palestine of freedom and a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, the release of all Palestinian prisoners and the return home of refugees, to be heard loud and clear.

The struggle of the peoples will be strengthened to hinder the dangerous Euro-Atlantic imperialist plans in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Red Sea, the dangerous settlements in the Aegean to maintain NATO cohesion, which give wind in the sails of the aggression of the Turkish bourgeoisie against the sovereignty and the sovereign rights of the country.