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A hopeful and significant rise for the KKE!

With new forces for the organization of the workers' and people's struggle

Overall, the KKE has recorded another significant rise, receiving 9.25% and 368,000 votes. This is a significant increase compared to the 2019 European elections (5,35%) and the 2023 parliamentary elections (7,7%), when it had also increased its percentage.

This confirms the KKE's links with broader popular forces and demonstrates that the vote for the KKE expresses more stable ties that have been established in important struggles  of the previous period.

It confirms some positive processes which have been going on for a long time and have been reflected both in the parliamentary elections and in the workers'–people's movement.

A current disputing the dominant policy, which is currently being implemented by the New Democracy government, is being stabilized and strengthened. The disengagement of workers'–people's forces from the bourgeois parties, the joining of forces of the former with the KKE and the rise of the party’s prestige further advance.